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Coding Ground Free PHP Bookmark Management scripts Coding Ground is Large Database website Listing Free PHP Bookmark Management scripts php tutorials php-mysql tutorials other tutorials ebooks webmaster tools and more ....

SimpleNotes   By
SimpleNotes The main purpose of this script is to easily categorize notes bookmarks man pages scripts and other stuff. The script is published under GPL Version 2. The script is written in PHP the data is stored in MySQL. The installation is trivial. There is a demo on the home page....

Socketwiz Bookmarks   By
Socketwiz Bookmarks Web browser bookmark management utility based on php4.0 MySQL Apache Smarty. Features Save as many bookmarks as you have room in your MySQL database; Create categorized lists; See how many bookmarks you have at any given time; Search for a bookmark; Check the integrity of your bookmarks and either edit or delete the ones that are...

PHP Homepage   By
Php Homepage Php Homepage is a PHP MySQL application that allows you to generate homepages with links for Internet navigation. It features customizable headings and layouts and link management facilities. Available in French English and Russian. To install simply create a database configure the file for your table and open the...

online-bookmarks   By
online-bookmarks This tool can be used to store Bookmarks Favorites and Links online where they actually should be. It is very simple designed so you keep at any time overview over it. The Windows-like look and feel keeps your habit to make work as usal....

Bookmark4U   By
Bookmark4U Bookmark4U provides you a comfortable bookmarking environment. With Bookmark4U you can access to your favorite web sites everywhere just by a click. You don t have to remember URLs of them any more....

Opera Hotlist to HTML   By
Opera Hotlist To HTML The purpose of this class is to create an html output out of an Opera hotlist file on the fly. You can just upload your Opera hotlist file and the bookmarks on your homepage are automatically up to date. No need for changing any other files every time. Using template properties you can adjust the structure and design of the output...

Favorites   By
Favorites This fun little script allows your users to have their own my favorite sites links on your web page. They can change them at anytime. The links are actually stored in the browser via cookies so no storage is used on your site. Easy to install and fun to use....

Active PHP Bookmarks   By
Active PHP Bookmarks Active PHP Bookmarks APB is a web-based program that allows you to store your bookmarks and display them in many useful ways. It will sort your bookmarks with usability in mind keeping often- used bookmarks at your fingertips. It has a bookmark search private public bookmarks nested groups usage rankings popularity sorting...

9 Articles.  

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