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What is Silk Test SilkTest is A powerful tool for running automated test cases on the front end A tool for testing Web based applications across different browsers Very very stupid you have to tell it everything in its own language 4test Inflexible when it comes to interpreting your commands...

Checklist for System-Integration Test Exit Review Items marked with an asterisk are particularly important in making this decision. 1. All the software that was to be developed is complete. 2. The inter-component interfaces are completely verified. If any interface remains unverified plan to verify it at an early stage of integration system acceptance...

Enterprise 2.0 is here – Upgrade your Test Department   By Samir Shah ||
Gone are the days when QA and software testing departments used multiple disparate outdated applications to plan manage and execute their day& 8208; to& 8208; day work. With the Web moving towards 3.0 Enterprise tools are getting 2.0ish with companies introducing RSS blogging collective intelligence themes tag clouds and real-time data push within...

3 Articles.  

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