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A Tool for Conformance and Unit Testing for Java APIs

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Artima SuiteRunner is a free open source testing toolkit for Java released under the Open Software License. You can use this tool with JUnit to run existing JUnit test suites, or standalone to create unit and conformance tests for Java APIs. The three main advantages Artima SuiteRunner offers to JUnit users are reporters, runpaths, and recipe files. Existing JUnit users can use SuiteRunner to run their JUnit tests, which allows them to gain the benefits of reporters, runpaths, and recipe files while continuing to use their JUnit test cases. Artima SuiteRunner Advantages: Reporter: Collect and present test results in a highly customizable way to the user. Examples are text, graphics, web pages, database output, CSV files, XML, and email alerts. Runpath: Load classes for your tests from anywhere with this easy to configure list filenames, directory paths, and/or URLs. Recipe File: Capture and save the properties of a run of a particular suite of tests in a file for easy reuse.


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