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ARSC Really Simple Chat

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ARSC Really Simple Chat ARSC is an easy to install, simple to handle, cross-browser compatible chat system. If you have a modern browser with frame support and JavaScript enabled, ARSC makes use of these technologies. If you have an older browser, or you have JavaScript disabled, or even if you have a browser that doesn't support frames, you can still chat using ARSC. It is compatible with old PHP versions as well as PHP5, it works with register_globals = Off and safe_mode = On. It features private rooms, moderated rooms (with a two-leveled message queue system), freely designable layouts (on a per-room basis and on a per-user basis), freely definable user levels with fine-grained rights management, ID-Cards for registered users including individual guestbooks, multiple languages, and much more. Unlike many other PHP/MySQL webchats, ARSC can optionally be run using a non-forking socketserver to handle the message transport. The socketserver of ARSC works very ressource-friendly and can handle a lot of users.


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