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Book Review: Essential Windows Phone 7.5 App Development with Silverlight

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All in all if you are considering Windows 7.5 development you owe it to yourself to get this book, digest it, and then keep it by your book starts with a great introduction to the Windows phones. It introduces Metro design language, hardware specifications, input patterns, the application lifecycle, out-of-the-box services, live tiles, and the marketplace. By the time you are done with the introduction you have a solid understanding of the Windows phone book continues with ten more chapters. They include Writing Your First Phone Application, XAML Overview, Controls, Designing for the Phone, Developing for the Phone, Phone Integration, Databases and Storage, Multitasking, Services, and The author has a really nice writing style which makes the book an easy cover to cover read. It will also make a nice reference.<p><a more</a></p>


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