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Chapter 1: The Longhorn Opportunity

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The guide in its current form is a first look at some important issues to consider in light of the significant changes encompassed by the new APIs in Microsoft's next operating system, code-named "Longhorn." This release of the guide provides emerging patterns and practices since the content, especially the code samples, may change significantly in future releases. The guide is also an emerging practice in that it is incomplete. Several key areas are not addressed, but will be in future editions. The guide will be incrementally iterated over and expanded significantly moving forward. Note: Each new version of the guide will receive an incremented version number. The preface is a discussion of exactly what is covered in this version of the guide and roadmap to topics that will be addressed in future editions. The first chapter presents a roadmap of what Longhorn means for application developers. This chapter outlines the advances of the next operating system at a high level. In addition to introducing these core advances, the first chapter outlines a spectrum of approaches for capitalizing on the Longhorn opportunity, with the understanding that many organizations have a significant investment in an existing code base. With this investment in mind, the first chapter offers a set of approaches for moving forward, based on different scenarios and requirements.


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