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Cognos Query Studio Tutorial

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This document introduces you to Cognos Query Studio. Query Studio is a web-based reporting tool that allows you to • Create reports using your data. • Save and reuse reports. • View reports in a variety of formats. • Print reports.

This class was designed using a desktop computer running the Windows XP operating system and using the Internet Explorer (version 6.0.2) browser. If you use a different type of computer, operating system, or browser, some of the screen graphics may appear slightly different from those printed here. However, the function of the screen (page) should remain the same.

After you complete the exercises in this training material, you should be able to do the following:

• Open the COGNOS Connection web page.
• Create a report.
• Add data to the report.
• Save the report.
• Run the report.
• View the report.
• Recognize the types of reports.
• Change the appearance of reports.
• Create crosstab reports.
• Use charts.
• Filter, sort, and group data.
• Perform calculations.


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