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Data Mining and Document Modeling

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The amount of electronically available data has grown rapidly because of increase in use of electronic data gathering devices, e.g., point-of-sale, remote sensing devices etc., and because data storage has become easier and cheaper with increasing computing power and disk storage capacity. Data base management systems (DBMSs) have given access to the data stored but they give no analysis of the data. Analysis is required to reveal the hidden relationships within the data, for instance, for decision support. Size of databases has increased and therefore there is a strong need for automated techniques for automated analysis. The solution is data mining that has been defined as: Chapters: Introduction Data Mining Techniques Rule and Decision Tree Induction Statistical Techniques Visualization Clustering Projection Self-Organizing Map Problems with the Data Application example: Data Mining of Pharmaceutical Data Types of Patterns that may be Identified through Data Mining Textual Data Mining and WEBSOM


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