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Design Patterns - Complete Ebook

Category: Design Patterns
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This is 218 page pdf book with code samples. Design Patterns is a catalog of 23 generally useful patterns forwriting object-oriented software. It is written as a catalog with short examples and substantial discussions of how the patterns can be constructed and applied. Most of its examples are in C++, with a few in Smalltalk. The Smalltalk Companion (Alpert, 1998) follows a similar approach, but with somewhat longer examples, all in Smalltalk. Further, the authors present some additional very useful advice on implementing and using these patterns. This book takes a somewhat different approach; we provide at least one complete, visual Java program for each of the 23 patterns. This way you can not only examine the code snippets we provide, but run, edit and modify the complete working programs on the accompanying CD-ROM. You’ll find a list of all the programs on the CD-ROM in Appendix A.


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