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Finance PeopleSoft 8 Training

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This is complete training for PeopleSoft 8 Finance PeopleSoft 8 Training *** PS 8 Training Tutorial Instructions *** Introduction Finance 8.4 Desktop Readiness Document (Printable Instruction) Helpful Hints for 8.4 (Printable Instruction) Add to Favorites (Online Tutorial | Printable Instruction) Accounts Payable Creating a Regular Voucher: (Online Tutorial | Printable Instruction) l Looking Up Vendors (Printable Instruction) l Researching Budget Errors for Vouchers (Printable Instruction) l Reviewing Voucher Budget Errors (Printable Instruction) l Deleting Vouchers (Printable Instruction) l Creating a PO Voucher (Printable Instruction) l Creating a Template Voucher (Printable Instruction) l Copying a Template Voucher (Printable Instruction) l Searching for Vendors (Printable Instruction) Inquiry - Using Voucher Inquiry (Printable Instruction) - Using Payment Inquiry (Printable Instruction) Budget Journals - Creating a Budget Journal Entry in Workflow (Printable Instruction) Inquiry - Reviewing Budgets Overview Basics (Printable Instruction) - Reviewing Budget Exceptions (Printable Instruction) - Budget Checking Process and Errors Summary (Printable Instruction) General Ledger Orientation for PS General Ledger (Printable Instruction) Looking up a Cost Center (Online Tutorial | Printable Instruction) Viewing Chartfield 1 Value (Printable Instruction) Creating & Maintaining Chartfield 1 Values (Printable Instruction) Journals - Creating A Journal Entry in Workflow (Online Tutorial | Printable Instruction) - Creating An Encumbrance Journal (Online Tutorial | Printable Instruction) Inquiry - Reviewing Ledger Activity (Printable Instruction) Purchasing Creating a Requisition (Online Tutorial | Printable Instruction) Printing a PO Receiving Report (Online Tutorial | Printable Instruction) Cross Referencing a Requisition to a PO (Online Tutorial | Printable Instruction) Canceling a Requisition (Printable Instruction) Running the PO Status Report (Printable Instruction) Researching Budget Errors for Requisitions (Printable Instruction) Researching Budget Errors for Purchase Orders (Printable Instruction) Inquiry - Looking up a Purchase Order (Printable Instruction) - Looking up a Requisition (Printable Instruction) Reports l Department Reports l Excel Settings for Query in PeopleSoft version 8.4 (Printable Instruction) l Run an Existing Query to Excel (Printable Instruction) l Creating the Report Manager Pagelet (Printable Instruction) l Deleting Reports in PeopleSoft (Printable Instruction) l Deleting Run Control IDs (Printable Instruction) l Verification Worksheet Update (Printable Instruction) l Financial Report Matrix (Printable Instruction)


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