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Easy Article Writing : How to Keep Your Copy Tight

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Easy Article Writing : How to Keep Your Copy Tight, to the Point & Focused On Your #1 Resource

My coaching, consulting and article submission clients always ask me, "Eric, what should we write about?"

I always tell them I may be your #1 resource to make your articles better and get them published on the top websites, ezines, article directories and article announcement lists. However, I am not your number one resource for article ideas.

Why? Because I don't know your industry and I don't know your audience.

Your number one resource is your customers. So before you even write one word of your article, you must get to know your customers even better. To do this effectively, you must create a composite sketch that embodies everything your customers think, feel and care about in your industry.

Here's how I created a composite sketch of our adult class for my karate instructor, Grand Master Ralph Chirico.

How to Get to Know Your Customers Better So You Can Write Better, Faster

Step 1. List your audience's hot buttons

After interviewing the adult class, I discovered that our adult students are looking for a fun, exciting way to keep physically fit, relieve stress and learn vital self defense techniques that will save their lives.

Using these hot buttons, my instructor can create articles like:

1. How to keep physically fit for years to come
2. Simple martial arts secrets that will help you relieve stress quickly
3. How martial arts training will save your life

Step 2. List all the emotions your audience has in regards to those hot buttons.

For example, before they became students at Chirico's School of Karate, the students were:

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  • Tired of the same, old gym routine
  • Frustrated that they did not have the confidence to stand up for themselves or their families
  • Angry as they had no means of eliminating stresses from work and their daily lives

Once they became students they felt:

  • Happy to empower themselves and their families with the keys to success and healthier lifestyles
  • Confident as they regained flexibility, increased stamina, and improved overall health quickly with an exciting new workout and routine every single class
  • Engaged in a total-body workout adaptable to any age
  • Fulfilled as they improve their concentration, self-discipline and attitude so they can perform better at work and live life to the fullest
  • Protected as they have learned techniques that will help them defend themselves and their families from a variety of attacks and real-life street situations.

Step 3: List the top 10 questions your audience asks you on a regular basis

For example, when potential new adult students enter the school they ask my instructor:

1. There are so many martial art schools around, why should I attend your class?
2. What martial arts style will best suit my needs and wants?
3. What will I learn?
4. How will I benefit from martial arts training?
5. Will the martial arts improve my work performance?
6. I am not athletic at all, is the martial arts for me?
7. What are some self defense techniques that I will learn
8. The doctor says I need to do more cardio-aerobic exercises, how will the martial arts fulfill that need?
9. How hard and how much do I have to train to get the most out of martial arts?
10. What do I have to do to reach black belt?

When you are looking for story ideas, these 10 questions will always provide brilliant inspiration.

Step 4: Flip through your industry magazines and tear out a picture of someone who looks like one of your customers.

Yes it's unconventional. And, yes it works. Whenever you write articles for your website, blog, newsletter or submission and you get stuck on a certain phrase or just don't know how to explain a concept, look at the picture. Then, explain the concept in plain terms to that customer and watch your writer's block melt away fast.

Follow thee techniques and I guarantee your copy will be tight, to the point, and focused on your number-one resource: Your customers.

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