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Java Stand-alone Applications on z/OS

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Java has certainly become the most popular programming language, and it is the language of choice for many enterprise applications today.

This is the result of many advancements in the language itself as well as related technologies and tools that enable users to develop and run cost-effective, scalable, high-performance solutions.

IBM System z servers provide comprehensive support for deploying Java applications while providing the traditional quality of service, advanced security, and scalability that users have come to expect from this server family. IBM System zApplication Assist Processors (zAAP) further enhance the ability of an enterprise to implement complex and heavy workload applications on System z in a cost-effective and reliable manner.

There are many technical and business-oriented documents that describe the value of running J2EE applications on System z using WebSphere Application Server. However, less attention has been given to running stand-alone Java applications. This book shows how Java can leverage the power of IBM System z to run stand-alone and batch applications.

This book is a technical guideline for Java application developers who do not have prior experience with the System z operating environment, as well as System z operators who are new to the world of Java because of the inevitable transition occurring in the IT industry.

Chapters in this book are designed to be self-contained so that they can be read in any order.


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