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The FAQs have been split into a few broad categories. In many senses, a lot of the FAQs aren't really appropriate for the C# newsgroup in the first place, but that's true of a lot of the posts in the group anyway, and I'd rather people were able to find the answer here than ask a possibly inappropriate question in the group. If you haven't posted on the C# newsgroup before, please read the posting guidelines and suggestions first - they should help you to get an answer quickly and without irritating anyone. If you have seen a question come up frequently on the newsgroup and believe it should be part of the FAQ, please post it on the newsgroup with a subject line beginning with "FAQ Suggestion", including in the post both the question and a suggested answer. The answer can then be honed and discussed within the newsgroup before being added to the FAQ. Some of the questions includes What is C#? What is .NET? What version of Windows do I need to use .NET? Do I have to be running Windows to use .NET? Does the framework have to be installed to run my .NET application? What do all the acronyms (CLI, CLR, IL etc) mean? What is Whidbey and when is it coming out? Please visit the site to read the answers in detail.


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