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This is an online tutorial covers the following topics. PeopleSoft PeopleCode Secrets PeopleSoft Basics, Workflow, People Code Basics, Virtual Approver, Code Internals and SQL Basics. Happily PeopleSoft changes all this. This program, like others in the same category, comes with a set of preprogrammed modules that can be used right away or at least with little modification. Users can get the system up and working in months rather than years. Again, in most cases, it is easier for the company to change its business practices to meet the input requirements of the package rather than modify the package to suit the company. Modules supplied are usually based on the practices of the best companies in each field. Hence, unless a company finds that its method is somewhat better or there are some additional areas that are not covered by the program, there is little reason to reinvent the wheel. Of course, everything is not a perfect fit at the first go. There is always some amount of modification required. For this reason, PeopleSoft also has a set of tools to use with the rest of the application. With this toolkit, it is possible to change, modify and add in other routines or panels that are required by the user. It is this tool set that we will examine in detail. It will be used to build programs/applications that will merge and work with the rest of PeopleSoft seamlessly. At the end of the book you will be able to change the core of PeopleSoft on your own.


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