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PeopleSoft Tutorial

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PeopleSoft Tutorial:

A Tutorial Zip File has been created which consists of 2 files.


You need to follow these instructions to extract and save the zip file TUTORIAL.ZIP to your C:\ drive. (Note: to locate these files, it would be advisable to create a PeopleSoft Directory folder on your C:\ drive before you begin):

Click on the link, TUTORIAL.ZIP , and then click Save/File to save the zip file to your hard drive.
Locate with Explorer the TUTORIAL.ZIP file you just saved.
Double click the TUTORIAL.ZIP file. This will open WinZip.
In WinZip, point to Action/Extract on the Menu bar.
Click Extract.
The Tutorial extraction is complete.

These steps are to execute the tutorial:

Close all Windows programs.
Click Start/Run.
In the Run Dialog Box, Browse for C:\PeopleSoft\PeopleSoftut\Peoplesoft\SETUP.EXE
Click OK.
A Wizard will be kicked off which will ask you to click Next several times.
You will see a Window with two icons. Drag the PeopleSoft 7.5 Training icon to your desktop and double-click it.
This will start the Tutorial.


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