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SAS/ACCESS Interface to Teradata

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This white paper provides an overall view of the SAS/ACCESS Interface to Teradata to relate the interface to adjunct SAS products, to acquaint the user with the product, and to showcase its features and capabilities. This paper provides general and technical product information1, focusing first on the methods to access Teradata DBMS data, and then comparing the product's functionality and performance to other Teradata data access alternatives. Comparisons are made using a pro-and-con approach, expounding on where the product shines and pointing out where the user can get better results by using Teradata utilities. This approach is deliberate. Frequently, client applications that are compared to the Teradata DBMS promise more than they deliver. The objective of this paper is to guide Teradata users or database administrators reliably in their efforts to match software or a product feature to a processing situation.


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