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Streamlined Change Request Management

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Most start-up companies start with paper-based change request management tools and then migrate to automated solutions. Many of the change request management tools available on the market integrate with the change management tool, and ensure that all bug fixes in the code are controlled and managed. Critical bugs reported while the product is in the field require immediate code fixes. The origin of some of these bugs is in the early development phases of requirements and design and may require documentation changes. When the number of field reported bugs is high, maintaining the traceability of the fixes is critical to future development activities. Also, research shows that over 70% of the defects originate from the requirements and design phases and that the cost of fixing these defects in successive phases increases exponentially. The key then remains in developing a change request management tool, which integrates with the CM tool and tracks the changes to the impacted configuration items (SRS, Design, Test Plans, etc.). This paper describes the author’s experience of developing a customised CRM solution to support the organisation’s process improvement plans and initiatives.


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