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Sybase Stored Procedures for Web

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This is very good tutorial on Sybase Stored Procedures covers teh following topics in detail. This guide will attempt to show you how to create stored procedures for the World Wide Web. As I was in the middle of writing this guide, I realized it was about 10 times more lengthy than what I intended. The interface you will be using is slick, writing stored procedures is a snap, and you can do some marvelous things in a very short time. But, there is lots of good information in this guide, and I wanted to be as complete as possible. There is a facility known as the Common Gateway Interface or CGI that extends the functionality of a Web Server. This feature makes it possible to pass information from the client to an external application (known as the CGI application) which processes the information and returns the result to the client through the Web Server. Sybernet is a CGI that talks to a Sybase database. What you will need A Web Server A Web Browser A Stored Procedure Editor Knowledge of HTML syntax Knowledge of writing stored procedures A Sybase account Writing your stored procedure The Form Screen The Report Screen Explaining the Form Screen Explaining the Report Screen Registering your procedure Formatting Result Sets Tips and Techniques Frames Tables and Forms Buttons User Preferences and the Menu Bar Putting It All Together Advanced Form Input Form Input and Line Items Sending Partial Result Sets Handling Text and Image Data Types Selecting Text and Image Data Storing Text and Image Data Retrieving Images Advanced Topics URL's Redirection Image Maps HTTP Cookies HTTP Headers Filters Filters, Formats, and Content-types Rich Text Format Reference Sybernet Reserved Words Security The Stored Procedure Editor The Stored Procedure Register Interactive SQL Limitations


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