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Test Automation Frameworks

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In today’s environment of plummeting cycle times, test automation becomes an increasingly critical and strategic necessity. Assuming the level of testing in the past was sufficient (which is rarely the case), how do we possibly keep up with this new explosive pace of web-enabled deployment while retaining satisfactory test coverage and reducing risk? The answer is either more people for manual testing, or a greater level of test automation. After all, a reduction in project cycle times generally correlates to a reduction of time for test. The essential guiding principles we should follow when developing our overall test strategy (or evaluating the test strategy of a tool we wish to consider): The test design and the test framework are totally separate entities. The test framework should be application-independent. The test framework must be easy to expand, maintain, and perpetuate. The test strategy/design vocabulary should be framework independent. The test strategy/design should isolate testers from the complexities of the test framework.


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