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Testing J2EE database applications

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Best practices for testing J2EE database applications

It wasn't too long ago that quality assurance (QA) teams played the leading (if not the only) role when it came to software testing. These days, however, developers are making an enormous contribution to software quality early in the development process, using automated unit-testing techniques. Most developers take for granted the need to use tools such as JUnit for comprehensive, automated testing, but there is little consensus on how to apply unit testing to the database operations associated with an application.

This article delineates best practices that can help you get the most out of your database testing environment and can ensure that your applications are robust and resilient. The primary focus of the article is on J2EE applications interfacing with Oracle Database through JDBC or Oracle TopLink, although the concepts also apply to applications written for other application environments, such as .NET. The scope of the article is restricted to functional testing and does not encompass performance or load testing.


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