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Testing a Distributed Application Written in Embedded Windows CE

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For many of today’s smart devices, Windows CE is the new operating system of choice. Increasingly, developers are embedding Windows CE into many different types of appliances, including set-top boxes, gaming systems, bar code scanners, factory automation systems, and many more. As Windows CE has grown, so too has the need for off-the-shelf software development tools. Today there are many tools and off-the-shelf software kits on the market that save device designers significant amounts of time and effort throughout the device development process. Now, as more and more of these devices reach the final stages of development a new significant need has arisen: the need for testing tools. Now organizations can take advantage of a more cost- and time-effective solution for testing Windows CE-based smart devices; CEV (CEV) PassPORT. CEV PassPORT enables faster, and more accurate testing of a port of Windows CE to target hardware. The result of more than ten person years of development efforts, CEV PassPORT is has been thoroughly tested on every supported CPU platform and dozens of machine implementations.


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